Kundli Predictions Online

What can Kundli predict?

You may have seen people showing their Kundli to the astrologers and getting a prediction for themselves. Kundli making and reading is one of India’s traditional practices that astrologers create to predict the future and discover live events.

It is also known as the birth chart or horoscope, which entails the karmic map of the person’s present, past, and future. It will help them predict the future and give them a picture of their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state of mind.

What is Kundli Prediction?

Kundli or Janam Kundli can be defined as charts or graphical representations of the planetary position that are formed in alignment with the date and time of the person’s birth.

You can find Kundli predictions online and get knowledge about your future. In ancient times, Yogies used to draw the Kundli. However, in the present time, Jyotish or Astrologers perform the same task. The birth chart is more detailed and accurate than the horoscope charts. Astrologers even make Kundli predictions and remedies so a person can work accordingly and make things better.

Prediction from Kundli does help the person in many different ways. It does predict several life problems and their solutions from the Kundli. But before you go to an astrologer, you must visit the right astrologer who gives the right option!

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Things That you can know from Kundli's prediction

There are numerous factors that one can know about from the Kundli prediction that astrologers prepare at the birth of the person.

Health and Well-being Problems

Preparing your Kundli at the time of birth or after that will help you know about your health and well-being. They may tell you whether you are going to be okay in the future or will have to go through some disease that can be life-threatening. Everything will be cleared from Kundli predictions by date of birth, time, and place.

“Precaution is better than cure”- everyone has heard this saying. So, with astrology, you will get much help as you can detect health problems.

Marriage Purpose

You can use Kundli’s prediction for marriage. One can learn about marriage purposes and tell whether you and your spouse are right for each other by matching Kundli. Most Hindu families match Kundli before marriage, and if the Gunas match, they only start the relationship.

With Gunas and everything, the astrologer predicts how you will be your life after marriage. Not just before the wedding but also knowing about the age when people will get married in the future.

Financial Problem

The second house in astrology or horoscope will show the person’s financial status and wealth capability. It does not predict the money you will get but tells you how it will be in the future or whether it will be good for you or not.

So, you can predict wealth by acquiring it from the person, which will help you stay wealthy as it reveals your hidden potential for wealth in the chart and enables you to know some tips and tricks for better finance.


From the 2nd, 4th, and 5th houses of the Kundli, you will learn about a person’s education. How will they be in education, and whether they will go abroad for studies or not? The Kundli that is used for education is Navamsha. From the positioning of the 5th house in the birth chart, you can find about education.


Astrologers help the person select the best career and provide the astrologer is competence. Astrological analysis has the ability to accurately forecast your career success, accomplishments, and chances of advancement. The placement of a planet in your horoscope will affect your advancement, especially in relation to “Mahadasha” and “Antardasha”!

You will know whether your career will be in good health from the planet position. Different planets are there that tells you about the different condition.

Family Issues

There can be several problems in a family, which can be related to marriage, children, property, and many more. But with the help of astrology and Kundli predictions 2023, you can get a great idea about everything. It is predicted through planet Saturn where the natives face crises and challenges in a different format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Janam Kundli is also known as the birth chart in English. It is prepared based on the date, place, and time of the person’s birth. With all the details, the astrologer calculates the ascendant signs and gives an insight into a person.

Astrology is considered the eye of the Vedas, which is like Yoga and Ayurveda and is considered the backbone of Vedas.