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Is Kundli matching effective?

Traditionally, people used to think that for a successful wedding, Kundli matching is essential. Though, there is no doubt that Kundli disapproves of many marriages failing. However, sometimes, things may turn otherwise. But what is right? Is it effective? Do you need to match Kundli to know whether the marriage will be effective?

During the Kundli matching online, both bride’s and groom’s horoscopes are matched to know whether their married life will be happy. The main task during the Kundli matching is matching 36 points or Gunas. If 18 or more than 18 Guans are matched, then that will indicate that this marriage will be good. However, if the Guans are under 18, astrologers disapprove of that marriage. 

Before someone gets married, it becomes essential to check the Ashta-Koota matching, when only two people will look towards may but have yet to be known to each other. You can do Kundli matching by name, date of birth, and time and that will help you know about the nature, sexual abilities, tendencies, and attitudes of both.

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Can we marry if Kundli does not match?

With the growing influence of western culture, many couples do think that they do not consider Kundli matching. Though they might be true, have you seen an increasing number of divorces in India? The main reason behind that is the lack of compatibility between the couples.

Usually, people do have the wrong perception about Kundli Matching as they think it will make their parents worried and still the process of getting married and more. But in reality, Kundli matching helps you highlight the Doshas that are in the person and have some remedies that one considers to subdue the Doshas’ harmful effects.

But the one thing that every person wants to know is whether they should get married when their Kundli does not match. Vedic astrology is pure science; you will find the solution over time. You may have to go through some remedies, but for that, you have to go to the best Kundli matching experts who will give you the right solution to your problem.

For instance, if there is “Yoni Dosha” in Kundli matching then our experts will recommend the specific Poojas that will mitigate the impacts. One can also see if the Lords in charge of the bride and the groom are cordial in the Rashis. If so, Yoni Dosha immediately becomes somewhat subdued.

There are other doshas, such as “Nadi” or “Bhakoot Dosha,” whose presence might result in concerns like accidents, loss of jobs, relationship difficulties, health issues, pregnancy, childbirth-related complications, etc. It is typically advised that a couple with “Nadi” or “Bhakoot Dosha” wear gemstones by their zodiac sign and recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra a certain number of times to lessen the evil consequences.

However, one can get married even if their Kundli does not match because there are so many solutions to their problem that will be resolved quickly. Every dosha in a person’s Kundli has some connection to their former lives and karma. Thus, the astrologically recommended cures and Poojas would be to right your karma.

What is a good Kundli matching score?

As per the Hindu tradition, one must get married after their Kundali, matching by date of birth. The Kundli matching is done so that bride and groom can live a happy and compatible life. An astrologer advises considering the Kundli matching because that is quite essential. Eight different categories are known as Koots or Kootas.

For a bride and groom to get married, it becomes essential that some of these Gunas match. This system is also known as the Ashta Koota Milan. If only 18 Guans or less match between the bride and groom, the marriage cannot be successful, and it is not advised to get married. If you get 18 to 24 Gunas matches, the marriage can be approved, and compatibility will be approved.

But if the matching of Gunas is between 25 to 32, it is considered a good option, and the couple assures a joyful married life. At last, if the Guans are more than 33, this pair is regarded as the best marriage for the individual, and they can live happily.